Here’s my story …

Beanie Leffler For most of my life I felt like a dummy because I couldn’t read. I struggled in school to the point of feeling embarrassed and wondered why others could do the work and I could not. In the 1st grade I was held back. In 2nd grade I still struggled. I started remedial reading class and summer school. My parents tried everything they could think of and my mother kept telling me, “Always keep trying, never give up, and never be a quitter because quitters get nowhere in life.” In reading class everyone would take a turn reading. I would sit there sweating and find my turn to read pure torture. In the upper grades I stayed in for many recesses to rewrite misspelled words, sentences and even entire assignments. In High School I tried to find classes I could do fairly well in so I tried shop, home economics, band, art, etc. After graduating, I decided to go to beauty school. The first day they handed out a stack of books. Feeling defeated, I quit school and returned home. Over the years I had several jobs and my problem with reading affected each one in some way. I took every opportunity I could to improve my reading and, at one point, came to the conclusion that there was no help for me. Then I found a tutor, Pat Christian. She sent me to a reading specialist who asked if I had ever had a Vision Perception Test. When I did the test I was told I had a vision problem. What a change this made for me – for the first time ever I no longer felt I was a dummy! I began vision therapy and worked with my tutor and my reading improved. My optometrist put special lenses in my glasses that also helped me with reading comprehension. As my reading improved so did my self-confidence. I am now a successful Director with Usana, a nutritional supplement and healthy living company.

I teach a class in my home called “The Healthy Edge” which shows people how to make better, healthier choices with their food and lifestyles. You can visit my webpage at: . I also do demonstrations at home parties for Norwex to help people eliminate harmful chemicals in their home. My website for that is: .

The reason for my book and this web site is to help those who are having a hard time of it because they can’t read. I went through years of pain and disappointment when there was help out there that I did not know about. You might not have the same exact situation that I do but without the proper testing you will never know. And if you do have the same type of problem and are willing to do the therapy you can experience a great improvement in your ability to read.

I believe in living a healthy, natural lifestyle and enjoy nature, nature photography and gardening. I live with my husband in Florence, WI and am mom to three and grandma to four. My family is my greatest joy and blessing.